Monday, June 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We're home! The last week has been long, tiring and at times quite stressful but we're here now and mostly settled. I owe a huge thanks to a few people for their help over the last week. And so that brings us to the (last ever) Acosta Family Moving Awards!

Please give a round of applause to....
  1. The Best Use of Psycho-manipulation on Sellers award goes proudly goes to my dear father for convincing the previous owners to let us in before we were legally supposed to. Granted, they were supposed to be out 12 hours earlier and stayed at least two hours after the house was ours but it saved us the extra expense of paying the movers to hold our stuff. Thanks Poppy. I knew that shrink stuff would come in handy some day.
  2. The Super Brave Toilet Cleaner award goes to Abuelita. Not only did she drive by herself to our new house but she fearlessly tackled dirty toilets everywhere to ensure we could all pee with a clear conscience. Muchas gracias Abuelita.
  3. The Above and Beyond the Cleaning Call of Duty award goes to Angelica for driving all the way up here to the North Pole after a really long day battling RNA strands just to wipe out really dirty cabinets and help my dad find sheets for his bed. I owe you big time.
  4. The Super Duper Baby Proofer award goes to my father-in-law for not only securing every cabinet, drawer and outlet in this house but for also figuring out how to install baby gates to banisters at very tricky angles. Nobody is getting past you Abuelito!
  5. The Honestly the Smartest One in the Bunch award goes to Nana. She took the kid and skipped town. Seriously, why didn't I think of that? Thanks for showing Caleb a little bit of Oz and lots of love and attention. And yes, we totally credit you for his new found ability to say "no" and "mine".
  6. The Wow, I'm So Lucky to be Married to You award goes to Juan. He worked his butt off to get us here and settled. I love you dude. Thanks for being such an amazing Da and husband. And also for fixing the garage door openers. That is VERY appreciated.

In summary, we're here, we're settled and we're so very happy to be starting this next chapter in our lives. Want to see pictures? Look here. Want to come and visit? Come on!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Drinking Coffee From A Dixie Cup

That sounds like a bad country song eh? Well, it's life around here on this muggy Monday morning. We've got one day to go and things are moving along. Today we have some minor packing to do and then several errands to run plus yard work. We'll sign, sign and move tomorrow. I'll post an update once we're there and reattached to the cyber world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Potty Talk

So let me start by saying that I am not ready to potty train my 15m old. My plan is still to wait until 2y before making a push for the big potty. I am happy to report though that in the meantime Caleb is starting to show pre-potty interest. So, the point of this post is to give you a good laugh and perhaps brag a little about my kiddo and his ability to poop.

The following conversation started happening about two weeks ago:

Caleb: I poo.
Me: Caleb poo poo?
Caleb: I poo.
Me: Sniffing
Me: Yup, Caleb poo poo. Time for a clean diaper. Diaper! Diaper!
Caleb: Runs to his room and stops in front of the changing table
Me: Good job! Caleb poo poo! New diaper, new diaper!

We were so totally proud that a.) the kid realized that he'd pooped and b.) that he's willing to follow directions and go into his room willingly to be changed.

Then a few days ago the conversation changed a little...

Caleb: I poo
Me: Okay then, let's go get a new diaper.
Caleb: Runs to his room and stops in front of the changing table
Me: Dude, there's no poo poo in here. I thought you pooped.
Caleb: I poo
Me: Sighs. Snaps him back up and puts him on the floor.
Caleb: Grunts, turns red and squats.
Me: Oh! You were going to poop!
Caleb: I poo. All done.
Me: Juan! He just freaking told me he's done! Isn't that cool!

Aren't you impressed!?!?!?!

Note: This does not apply at ALL to peeing. He could care less when he pees or if he's wet. That's ok though. I'll take poop for now. :)

One week til we move. We're hanging in there...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Productive Thursday

My work schedule has changed a little bit and so now I'm working for 3 hrs on Thursday mornings. Caleb is now going to school on Thursdays and so I have a good part of the day to clean house and run errands. With everything we've had going on with work and houses this is the first week I'll get to try the new schedule out. Juan and Caleb have left and I'm now about to start my day! Here's my to-do list for today once work is over:
  1. Call to schedule new utilities to be turned on
  2. Call to reschedule washer/dryer delivery
  3. Call to reschedule fridge delivery
  4. Research UHaul locations and cost
  5. Email mortgage broker to make sure she has all the paperwork
  6. Clean both bathrooms. Bleah.
  7. Bathe dog before #5
  8. Go to grocery store so we can eat dinner
  9. Email Jon and Amber and tell them we've decided we don't need the furniture. Unless they're reading this before I get this far down the list and see it for themselves.
  10. Dishes
  11. Laundry
  12. Pay bills
  13. Mop floors

My stretch goal is to also pack a few more boxes. And, my "treat" to myself for getting everything done is to take a shower and then decide where I'm going to put things in the cabinets in the new kitchen. Lame perhaps, but it makes me happy.