Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know it's been awhile since my last post - sorry. Things have been super busy around here and any extra time has been devoted to sleep. Caleb's been going through a growth spurt (you wouldn't believe how tall he is!) and it's totally messed up all our sleep. He wakes at 4am starving and then refuses to go back to sleep. Things for the last several days have been rough at best. Juan's recovering from the flu and hasn't felt well. Caleb and I are well - knock on wood. He's walking like crazy and into everything. He especially loves Chloe. Seriously, obsessively in love. It's sweet in a I-love-my-babies kinda way but he's not always gentle and she's not always in the mood to be adored. We've moved her dog bed into our bedroom to give her some safe space and a little peace.

Swimming lessons ended last Saturday and so we're now thinking of enrolling in a Gymboree class. I need to re-read the website and see if it will fit with our schedules. Nothing too exciting is going on besides that, we're getting ready for the big birthday in a few weeks! Time flies!

New pictures soon, I promise

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Real Haircut!

Caleb went and got his first professional haircut this afternoon. He looks so grown up!
He was a really good sport and didn't cry at all. Go Caleb!

He liked sitting in the car and turning the steering wheel.
Afterwards we went to check out the new light rail station by Lakeline Mall. Pretty cool!

Happy Valentine's Momma

I got to sleep in this morning (6:45am! Woo hoo!). Love Juan for that! I got up and walked into the living room and got Valentine's kisses from my boys. Juan asked if I wanted my Valentine from Caleb and I said yes. Here it is:

It's a beautiful heart! On second glance though the heart looked rather familiar. Then it hit me. He painted it with his BUTT! :)

Happy Valentine's at all...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Have A New Puppy...

...and his name is Caleb. He's 11m and running around with stuff hanging out of his mouth. Seriously! Currently, he's crawling around the kitchen with part of the letter "P" from the alphabet mat dangling from his lips. Before that it was a cup towel. Teething perhaps? I've pulled him out of the dog bed at least five times this morning. He speed crawls over to her and then throws his arms around her in a big bear hug and then rolls with laughter. Too freaking cute but not acceptable. Sigh. Kids!
Our latest video will be up later today hopefully. I'm having problems uploading it at the moment. He's gotten really good at the ring toss and putting the ball in the musical ring toss. I'm impressed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Playing Ball

Here's a super fun video of my boys playing ball. Juan took us out to lunch today and stayed to play for a few minutes before going back to work. Be sure to check out Caleb's teeth - you can see all four of them towards the end.

Tonight was out first attempt at yanking the binkie. He went to sleep without a peep - no crying at all. We could only hope it's this easy!

Moving On Up...

When I dropped Caleb off at school yesterday I noticed that Kenzie wasn't in the room. I asked Ashley where she was and Ashley replied that Kenzie had started to transition to the toddler room. She turned 1y about a week and a half ago so I guess this shouldn't have surprised me too much. I then realized that Caleb will be 11m next week (seriously!) and we too would need to start thinking about transitioning soon enough. On my way out I picked up a list of the transition criteria. It is as follows:

  1. Takes 1 nap a day on a cot. Naptime is from 12:30-3pm. You need to stay on your cot during that time.
  2. Eats table food. No jar food or bottles.
  3. Walks well and can walk holding an object
  4. Responds to simple commands - come, sit, stay.
  5. Drinks from a cup without a lid.

There are a few more but I think this should keep us entertained for awhile. Average age for transitioning fully is 13-15 months. I'm not so sure we'll be there that quickly, specifically #1.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009