Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clean Thursday

Today started off well. I worked for a few hours and then decided to run some errands before lunch. In an effort to be efficient I started a load of laundry and then headed off to Target. Found everything I needed there and was back home within 30-45 minutes at most. When I came in the back door Chloe had a major hissy fit. I fussed at her and told her to go get on her bed. She snorted and gave me a you-have-no-clue-do-you? look. I didn't. Until I walked into the laundry room to switch out the clothes and saw this:

Seems as though some little fingers pushed the spin cycle button until it got to extra high. And that brand new, totally full bottle of Tide on top of the washer? It spun right off! And onto the floor.

I stared in disbelief, ran to find the phone to call Juan, took a picture, laughed, and cleaned it up. Note: My husband said at least ten times for me to be careful and not slip and break an arm. I was careful.

The up side? My house smells Tide-fresh. My laundry room floor is clean. I wiped the baseboards down too for good measure.

The down side? I don't think the slippery-ness will ever go away. Oh, and we need more Tide.
Hope your Thursday is as clean as ours!

Halloween pictures coming soon....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ten Wonderful Things About Sunday

  1. Caleb sleeping until 5:03 am and then snuggling with Mama and napping on the couch until 6:23 am when Dada came and woke us up. It's illegal and I don't care.
  2. Walking/Running the IBM 10K with Juan, Caleb and Angelica. Armed with a healthy supply of fruit snacks, Cheerios and excellent company we all had a lovely race.
  3. Caleb falling asleep on the way home and being carried up to his bed still asleep - coat and shoes still on - and sleeping for 1 hr and 45 min. My kid! And yes, we made sure he was still breathing after an hour and a half.
  4. The above napping toddler allowing Juan and I to have breakfast in peace. Coffee, pancakes, sausage, the paper and eating quietly together. Not having to get up from the table 100 times to refill a sippy, get more applesauce or retrieve a flung fork from afar. Kinda like life before baby...
  5. Caleb waking up in a fabulous mood and playing a hearty round of race and nunnel. Love him!
  6. Caleb saying "yes" for the first time. Way better than "No no no no no no".
  7. Taking a trip as a family to ride the choo choo in Cedar Park. It even had a haunted nunnel! And for only $2.50 people! We are definitely going back.
  8. Stopping by the outlet mall on the way home to get Caleb some long pants and realizing that the purse I want for Christmas at Coach is 50% off and they only have one left. And having my dear husband say "Well we should buy it then, right?". Hell yes!
  9. Pushing Caleb around the sports court on this trike and listening to him squeal with delight.
  10. Making meatloaf and gravy for dinner. Rice with red gravy is one of my most favorite things. Yum!

Hope your Sunday was as great as ours!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Enter the Nunnel

Otherwise know as "Why Juan should Win Father of the Year". It rained this weekend. A lot. So, my toddler couldn't play outside. At all. What does one do with a energy-laden toddler who can't play outside? In a moment of brilliance my dear husband built Caleb a nunnel. (That's tunnel to those of you who don't speak Toddlerish). Our nunnel is hand-crafted of dining room chairs, a couch pillow and an IBM beach towel - finest grade nunnel makings in all of east Round Rock.
Nunnels are my son's second favorite things. Bridges are #3 and Choo Choos are #1. He loves going under overpasses. "Nunnel Mama, nunnel Mama!" I hear joyously from the back seat. And so what in the world could be cooler than your very own nunnel people! Nothing, nothing at all.
On a side note one might wonder why the nunnel picture has Chloe in it instead of Caleb. That's because if I took Caleb's picture I would have been roped into playing nunnel afterwards. And my poor back just can't bend quite as easily as it once did.
Thanks Da! We love our nunnel!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm a lame-o blogger. I didn't write our super fun visit with Reese, Kasey and George. I also didn't write about Caleb's first trip to the zoo. I did post pictures though. That's better than nothing right?

Caleb has an ear infection. Appears as though his left tube has come out or is blocked. We have an appt on Tuesday with the ENT to see what's going on. Antibiotics have made him happy again. Thus, we're all doing well.

And now onto the point of this post - Crash - the most fun game EVER! Credit goes to our Nana for teaching us all how to play.

Crash is very simple. You get two objects - preferable the choo choo and the bus - and you make them crash. Over and over and over and over. Whichever vehicle Caleb has usually wins. If you want to annoy him you make yours drive off in a different direction. I mean, why have kids if you don't harass them a little? Anyway, here's a super fun video of our game of Crash this afternoon. Have a great weekend everyone!