Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Hodgeblog

  • I have a sinus infection and it's kicking the crap out of me. My Dr called my sweet little boy a "cute petri dish". True, so true.
  • I went to take a nap when we got home this afternoon and woke up at 7pm. My husband is a rock star - played with Caleb, fed him and let me sleep. I woke up in time for bath and bedtime.
  • Date night on Sunday! Woo hoo!
  • Caleb's birthday is in three weeks. How can two years go by so quickly?
  • It's Friday which means Lucy came today. Which means I'm one happy Momma.
  • Caleb wanted to read Snow White (in Espanol) tonight before bed. I had forgotten that the Queen dies (hence the evil Stepmother). I decided that Caleb was too little for such details so I amended the storyline to read "there were some familial issue that arose and that lady is the Stepmother". And when Snow White falls into a coma (?) and the dwarfs (who he thinks are kids) put her in a glass coffin? "She decided to take a nap in that pretty box". Oy.
  • Sleeping baby, sitting on the couch with Juan and just enjoying life.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Squishy Tuesday

I learned a very valuable lesson this morning. Never take your eyes off of a toddler in a grocery cart with bananas. Sigh.

I took Caleb to HEB this morning for Valentines and bananas. I made the mistake of getting the bananas before the Valentines. I needed a box for his class as well as one for Juan from me and one for Juan from Caleb. I found the ones for his class (Sesame Street - no George, Thomas or Manny unfortunately) and then went looking for the ones for Dada. I found a funny one for Juan from me but could NOT find anything from a child to Daddy. About this time Caleb started chattering on about the bananas. I mumbled a response and kept looking for a card. I promise it took less than two minutes total for me to finally find a card and turn back towards Caleb.

And then I saw the bananas.

I'd put them in the child seat portion of the cart because Caleb was sitting in the big part - he thinks it's a choo choo and is more likely to cooperate that way. He'd pulled the bananas through the crack between the child seat the the big part - or tried to anyways. He'd gotten two bananas through was had taken a big bite out of one. The other was mangled because he had tried to open it and couldn't. The rest were wedged between the seat the the cart.

I salvaged the bananas and explained what happened to the 12 yr old cashier. Who totally gave me a you-are-such-a-crappy-mother look. I smiled sweetly and told her I'd pay for the freaking bananas and to then throw the icky ones away. She made a face like she was touching nuclear waste. We paid and left.

Lesson learned? Get Valentines first and bananas last. Or, keep your eyes on the toddler at all times.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Open the Door

Time: 3pm, Sunday afternoon
Location: The kitchen table
Scenario: Caleb has had the following for snack: a piece of Aunt Nell's fig cake, two packages of fruit snacks (minus the red ones Momma ate befor giving them to him), a box of raisins and 10 marshmallows. He'd never had marshmallows before but I was having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and gave some to him to see what he though. He LOVED them.

The following conversation took place:

Caleb: More, more, more.
Me: Nope. That's enough for snack. Dinner is in 3.5 hours. I'm pretty sure you can make it until then.
Caleb: More mashmelo mama.
Me: No.
Caleb: OPEN THE DOOR! (and melodramatically gesticulates to the pantry).
Me: No dude. All done.
Caleb: (Wailing, whining, gnashing of baby teeth).
Me: (waits patiently for the tantrum to subside).
Caleb: Please mama?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dos Blankets

Sunday at naptime Caleb asked me for "dos blankets" as I put him down. I smiled, gave him his blankie and then went and got yellie for him as well. He snuggled in and fell asleep. And my heart melted. And then I took a picture.

He hasn't given her back yet. And I'm ok with that.