Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Squishy Tuesday

I learned a very valuable lesson this morning. Never take your eyes off of a toddler in a grocery cart with bananas. Sigh.

I took Caleb to HEB this morning for Valentines and bananas. I made the mistake of getting the bananas before the Valentines. I needed a box for his class as well as one for Juan from me and one for Juan from Caleb. I found the ones for his class (Sesame Street - no George, Thomas or Manny unfortunately) and then went looking for the ones for Dada. I found a funny one for Juan from me but could NOT find anything from a child to Daddy. About this time Caleb started chattering on about the bananas. I mumbled a response and kept looking for a card. I promise it took less than two minutes total for me to finally find a card and turn back towards Caleb.

And then I saw the bananas.

I'd put them in the child seat portion of the cart because Caleb was sitting in the big part - he thinks it's a choo choo and is more likely to cooperate that way. He'd pulled the bananas through the crack between the child seat the the big part - or tried to anyways. He'd gotten two bananas through was had taken a big bite out of one. The other was mangled because he had tried to open it and couldn't. The rest were wedged between the seat the the cart.

I salvaged the bananas and explained what happened to the 12 yr old cashier. Who totally gave me a you-are-such-a-crappy-mother look. I smiled sweetly and told her I'd pay for the freaking bananas and to then throw the icky ones away. She made a face like she was touching nuclear waste. We paid and left.

Lesson learned? Get Valentines first and bananas last. Or, keep your eyes on the toddler at all times.

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thedeinesfamily said...

That totally sounds like something Reese would do.