Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Hodgeblog

  • I have a sinus infection and it's kicking the crap out of me. My Dr called my sweet little boy a "cute petri dish". True, so true.
  • I went to take a nap when we got home this afternoon and woke up at 7pm. My husband is a rock star - played with Caleb, fed him and let me sleep. I woke up in time for bath and bedtime.
  • Date night on Sunday! Woo hoo!
  • Caleb's birthday is in three weeks. How can two years go by so quickly?
  • It's Friday which means Lucy came today. Which means I'm one happy Momma.
  • Caleb wanted to read Snow White (in Espanol) tonight before bed. I had forgotten that the Queen dies (hence the evil Stepmother). I decided that Caleb was too little for such details so I amended the storyline to read "there were some familial issue that arose and that lady is the Stepmother". And when Snow White falls into a coma (?) and the dwarfs (who he thinks are kids) put her in a glass coffin? "She decided to take a nap in that pretty box". Oy.
  • Sleeping baby, sitting on the couch with Juan and just enjoying life.

Have a great weekend!

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Juan said...

You Forgot husband criticizing the Facebook "365 things to do in Austin" list - which just aggravated you.