Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 7 and 8: Out and About in Patagonia

Remember all the drama and angst surrounding reservations – or lack thereof - well, leave it to Juan Traveler to solve that problem!

We headed to town on Wednesday morning determined to figure put some way to do everything we wanted to within our two days. After talking to several of the tour agencies in town we decided to take an afternoon tour of the glacier on Wed and then do the glacier trek on Thursday morning.
The afternoon tour gave us a chance for a morning nap and then we set out to go see what all the glacier hype was about. The was totally worth it. Perito Moreno is out of this world. The glacier is larger than Buenos Aires and flows all the way down to the lake. So, you come around the bend in the road and boom come face to face with a total wall of ice.
The park sports a series of walkways and balconies from which you can sit and watch the ice crack and fall. We saw several pieces fall and splash down into the lake. Words don’t sufficiently describe it – the pictures will do a much better job.
This morning (Thursday) we got up early to do the trek on the glacier. It was so super cool! I was convinced a coupe of times that I was about to die but in the end survived. We hiked around for awhile and then took a nice boat ride around the front of the glacier, rested in the park and headed back to El Calafate.
We had a quite dinner tonight at the hotel and are getting ready to go back to BA tomorrow morning. It’s been an amazing vacation but I am so looking forward to seeing Caleb and being home again.

Totally cool pictures here.

Love to all,

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